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Blog » What To Consider When Choosing Flowers for Your Event

What To Consider When Choosing Flowers for Your Event

What To Consider When Choosing Flowers for Your Event

Whether it’s a classic bouquet of a dozen roses or an arrangement of mixed springtime

blooms, any floral display enhances celebratory occasions with color, beauty, and

symbolic ties. They make your special moments all that more special. Here is what to

consider when choosing flowers for your next event.

Seasonality and Current Trends

Like certain fruits and veggies, not all flowers blossom and thrive year round. For

example, tulips bloom in spring, sunflowers are the face of summer and fall, and

camellias withstand the cold winter. Different seasons bring to life different blossoms.

You should try to get in-season floral arrangements for you even because they are

fresher and more vibrant, they will last longer, and they are more affordable than out-of-

season blossoms.

You should also research what flowers are currently trending, as that might affect their

availability. For example, if a flower is currently in high demand, then it will probably be

expensive and hard to get—even if it’s in season.

Durability and Longevity

Some events last all day, while others only last a couple of hours. Similarly, some

flowers maintain their beauty and freshness for days, while others only last a couple of

hours before wilting. And no matter the length of your celebratory occasion, wilting

flowers dampen the mood.

Picking flowers that’ll stay fresh for the duration of your celebration ensures you get to

enjoy the benefits of your floral arrangements as much as possible. After all, nobody

wants to spend the majority of their celebration tending to needy florals. Flowers known

for their durability and longevity include the following:

 Chrysanthemums

 Carnations

 Lilies

 Hydrangeas

 Sunflowers

Pre-made vs. Custom Arrangements

Creating custom floral arrangements adds a sentimental touch to your flower displays

by allowing you to pick out every detail. However, arranging the perfect floral display

takes time and lots of consideration.

Pre-made arrangements are floral displays picked out by professionals, leaving the hard

work to the floral experts. They produce bouquets with flowers that complement one

another, they generate color coordination, and they ensure you get the freshest in-

season blooms. Pre-made arrangements are ready to go after purchase, leaving one

less item off your event’s to-do checklist.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing flowers for your event, from

the seasonality and durability of flowers to selecting pre-made or customized bouquets.

As an influential part of your celebration’s decor, taking every little thing into

consideration when it comes to your floral selection is important.

Shop for your celebratory bouquets at Beaverton Florists. We sell a diverse selection of

floral displays to enjoy, including anniversary floral arrangements. Our flowers bring

colorful, vibrant, and beautiful embellishments to any celebration and ease your

decision-making process with stunning, pre-made arrangements. Check out our

bouquets and enhance your special occasions with the perfect floral display!

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