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Blog » Why You Should Send Flowers for International Women's Day

Why You Should Send Flowers for International Women's Day

Why You Should Send Flowers for International Women's Day

On March 8th, women around the world are celebrated and recognized for their fight

against inequality and sexism. They push for access to menstrual products and birth

control, and they encourage their strengths.  a day dedicated to women and all they

stand for, no matter their age, race, or location.

Discover why you should send flowers for international women's day, and

celebrate the superwomen in your life with a bouquet.

Congratulatory Flowers: Fighting Inequality

Gifting birthday bouquets to your friends or family congratulates them on another year

around the Sun. It celebrates their life achievements, love, and existence. The

flourished blossoms mirror the growth accomplished as they become a year wiser,

making bouquets the perfect gift for many celebrations.

Sending flowers on international women's day steers those celebratory

acknowledgments toward the achievements of the fight against inequality. It

congratulates the women in your life as they continue to propel the women';s rights

movement and their many personal, day-to-day accomplishments—breaking

stereotypes, finding confidence, and flourishing no matter what.

Many birthday flowers make the perfect arrangements for supporting women on their

special day of recognition. They include blossoms that represent growth and

celebration. Gifting birthday bouquets for women’s day can change the sentiment from

congratulating someone’s birthday to celebrating another year of reaching toward

equality and civil rights.

Bouquets of Remembrance: The Women of the Past

Along with celebrations of life, bouquets acknowledge the lives of those who passed.

Certain flowers represent different qualities of life and characteristics of someone long

gone. They symbolize remembrance.

Gifting flowers on international women's day celebrates the women of the past. It sends

a gift to those who started the path for women's rights and those who first broke the

boundaries of inequality. Sending flowers to someone making waves in this lifetime is

like passing the baton from the influential women in history to those in the present.

Traditional Activism: Support and Encouragement for the


Before the women';s movement really took off, two notable figures and activists—Rita

Montagna and Teresa Mattei—initiated the spark for celebrating and dedicating a day to

women. They handed out branches of mimosa flowers as a means of respect and

support to other women.

Although all types of flowers are used, Montagna and Mattei's act of handing out flowers

that promote respect and support between women continues. Sending a bouquet on

international women's day honors the tradition that created a day dedicated to women.

There are many reasons why you should send flowers for international women's

day, like celebrating the fights for civil rights and acknowledging individuals in the past

and present. Flowers hold many semblances and are part of many monumental

practices, from celebrations to remembrances. Join women across the world in

supporting one another on March 8th with a bouquet!

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