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Beaverton Florists Update 

Business Operations are OPEN for Delivery!



How do I apply at Beaverton Florists?
We welcome applications to join our team anytime! If you would like to know more about us or if you have talents that we can put to work please call, send an email or drop by to fill out an application.

Join Our Team! Print this application and bring it in!  APPLICATION
Where are you located?
Beaverton Florists is located on SW Nimbus Ave i block north of Hall Blvd since January 2024.Stop by and visit our ever changing show room to see what is new and fun for each season!

Can I order on this website?
YES! Just choose which bouquet you would like to have us send and click on the green "ADD TO CART" button. Follow instructions from there.
Is my information secure?
Beaverton Florists is committed to maintaining a secure and safe website to insure our customers information is not accessible by any outside source of hacking. Further we strive to be PCI compliant and reduce every exposure to possible fraud. 
Do I need the phone number of the recipient?
Yes, if there is a problem with reaching the recipient we may need to contact them to arrange delivery. Many shops will not make a delivery unless they call to make sure the recipient will be there due to the cost of fuel.
Why can't I get past some fields?
Fields with red asterisk (*) are not allowed to be blank. You must enter the necessary information in these fields, so there will not be a delay in your order.
Why should I use Beaverton Florists if my order is going to another state?
There are literally thousands of websites where you can order flowers, but many of them are not run by someone who actually delivers flowers to the consumer. They may just gather your order and charge an additional service fee of up to $20 before forwarding your order to a real local florist to fill. Many of these sites also use deceptive advertising practices, making you think that you are dealing with an actual local florist, some even listing (but not linking to) the names of local florists. Their intent is obvious, they want you to think they are a florist in the town you want flowers delivered to. They take their cut and just send the order along to a "real florist" at reduced value to the florist and the customer. The same is true for "Yellow Page" advertising, many of the largest ads are for businesses with no local store front, they are just gathering your order (for a fee) and passing it on to a real local florist.

There are many advantages to using a real local florist. They know which products are the freshest, the prettiest and available. There is no middle man to keep part of your purchase price, so you get better value for your money. And, most importantly, using a quality local florist is the best way to assure freshness, prompt delivery and satisfaction. Beaverton Florists knows who the real florists and the best florists are in every city so if you would like our help we can assist you in getting your delivery to anywhere in North America for a small relay fee of $10 to cover the transmission costs.

I don't see what I want, can I call you?
YES! Our staff of experienced professional sales associates is available from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.  If you call after hours, you can leave us a voicemail and we will return your call the next business day.  Local Phone # 503-644-0129