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Blog » Flower Gifting: Different Types of Flowers To Say Thank You

Flower Gifting: Different Types of Flowers To Say Thank You

Flower Gifting: Different Types of Flowers To Say Thank You

Flowers hold many marvels, from natural beauty to an abundance of symbolic meaning. They are versatile gifts for many different occasions. Whether you’re thanking an employee for their hard work or your friends for being by your side during a rough time, a bouquet of flowers shares your thoughts and gratitude. Here are different types of flowers that help you say thank you, no matter the occasion.

Pastel Roses: A Thank You With Love

Red roses encapsulate eternal and passionate love, while pastel variations spread love among friends and family. Their soft shades represent calmness and peace—the perfect thank-you gift for someone you love who went out of their way to help you. The softness of the petals and their colors also shows your gratitude as it invokes a feeling similar to a gentle hug. Pastels carry a sweet reputation. They mirror the colors of cotton candy and other sugary delights, from taffy and bubble gum to birthday cake sprinkles and Sweet Tarts. Pastel roses embody the sweetness you received from your loved ones and return the favor.

Yellow Tulips: Gratitude With Cheerful Thoughts

Along with sweet pastels, joyful yellows are a great color palette for thank-yous. They brighten people’s days and spark happiness with their vibrant and energizing shade. Many yellow flowers, from sunflowers to black-eyed Susans, capture and spread joy. Yellow tulips are classic thank-you flowers. They symbolize cheerful thoughts, spreading happiness with a positive mood. Sending flowers that show your gratitude and share your happiness will brighten your helpers’ days in many ways.

Succulents: A Visual Display of Reliable Support 

Succulents last longer than fresh-cut flowers and require minimal maintenance. They are sturdy and reliable companions. While they evoke the same joys of regular flowers—happiness, joy, comfort—they provide those benefits across a longer duration. Saying thank you with succulents will gift those you’re thankful for with the same support system they provided you. They allow you to reciprocate the reliable and strong aid you received.

Hydrangeas: A Thank You for Understanding

Like most flowers, hydrangeas take on multiple symbolic representations. They embody harmony because one stem holds a bunch of individual hydrangeas. They radiate grace due to their natural color palettes of blue, pink, purple, and white. They exude beauty with their delicate, fluttery petals. In the eyes of many, hydrangeas represent gratitude for understanding, as the harmonious structure of the flower mirrors someone being there for others, no matter what. Saying thank you with hydrangeas shows your gratitude for someone’s support, gifts them with the same happiness you received, and acknowledges their gracious act. 

Show your gratitude and well-thoughts with different types of flowers that help you say thank you. Gift pastel roses to give thanks with love and sweetness. Display your gratitude with hydrangeas and the joys of yellow tulips. Share the comforts of a reliable companion with a succulent. You can deliver a whole bouquet of thank-you flowers to show off the many ways you’re thankful.

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