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Blog » The Meaning Behind Flowers Commonly Used in Wedding Bouquets

The Meaning Behind Flowers Commonly Used in Wedding Bouquets

The Meaning Behind Flowers Commonly Used in Wedding Bouquets

The Meaning Behind Flowers Commonly Used in Wedding Bouquets

Flowers play an important role during every major moment in your romance story. Flowers are the perfect symbol, embodiment, and gift for love, whether you are expressing your love for a newly blossoming relationship or commemorating 10 years of marriage. Flowers especially hold significance in a wedding, accompanying lovers as they walk down the aisle to their next life chapter. Discover the meaning behind common wedding bouquet flowers and find out which flowers best encapsulate your love story.

Passionate Roses

Roses and romance are a tale as old as time—they are forever intertwined. Roses embody passionate love. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was said to be so beautiful she made roses grow wherever she went, making roses a true embodiment of love and desire. Roses in a wedding bouquet showcase the newlyweds’ passionate love and the beauty of their relationship.

Loyal Lilies

Lilies are large striking flowers that add a unique and enticing detailed touch to any bouquet. Like many versatile florals, lilies encapsulate many symbolic meanings, from elegance to purity. One of the most common associations of a lily is commitment. Lilies represent loyalty and commitment in a romantic context, making them a great flower for commemorating a celebration of people declaring their love and life to one another.

Luxury Orchids

Orchids are rare, making them a symbolic representation of luxury. In romance, luxury can mean many things, like a bountiful relationship filled with growth and success or a one-of-a-kind love. Orchids stand out and are special in several ways, from their rarity to their small and delicate petals. Including them in your wedding bouquet adds to the remarkableness of the special day.

Cheerful Sunflowers

A celebration of love offers much to be happy about. During a wedding, you commemorate the love between specific individuals from past to present and the future that lies ahead. Sunflowers radiate and mirror that happiness. Their bright petals and sun-like visage boosts people’s mood, spreading joy to those who see them. Wedding bouquets with sunflowers symbolize and emanate the happiness of the occasion.

Everlasting Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is a collective of tiny, delicate blossoms. In a wedding bouquet, baby’s breath often functions as filler, but despite their sidekick role, they represent an important romantic symbol—everlasting love. Marriage is a long-term commitment. The goal is to have an everlasting love for better or for worse, through sickness and in health. Baby’s breath represents that persevering foreverness.

Lucky Peonies

Peonies represent luck and good fortune like horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, and jade. Starting a new life chapter and entering a new phase of your relationship is a major change. A little bit of luck helps make the transitions smoother and the future more successful. Peonies in a wedding bouquet are a symbol of good luck.

Devoted Lavender

Lavender is a well-known representative of tranquility. In a romantic context, lavender also embodies devotion. As a perennial plant, lavender blooms and persists every year—they are committed to thriving. Many often associate their enduring quality with the idea of long-lasting and devoted love. Knowing the meaning behind common wedding bouquet flowers gives you more than just possible floral ideas for your big day. It also shows the many ways you can further express your love with flowers. Celebrate and encapsulate your love story with anniversary flower bouquets—featuring some romantic common wedding florals—from Beaverton Florists.

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