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Blog » 4 Ideas of Gifts To Pair With Flowers for a Birthday

4 Ideas of Gifts To Pair With Flowers for a Birthday

4 Ideas of Gifts To Pair With Flowers for a Birthday

4 Ideas of Gifts To Pair With Flowers for a


A bouquet brightens people’s days in many ways. Giving flowers as a gift shows your

affection, exudes beauty, and radiates a positive ambiance. With so many amazing

qualities to love and benefit from, flowers make the perfect birthday gift. Pair your

birthday flowers with some of these gift-pairing ideas and create the perfect gift.

Scented Candles

Scented candles offer many of the same benefits as flowers—stimulating and

appeasing the senses, enriching a space, and providing soothing qualities. Pairing

flowers and scented candles enhances those shared benefits, doubling their effects.

Pair flowers with a scented candle for a richly aromatic, room-enhancing, and soothing

birthday gift.

Pro Tip: Avoid choosing a scented candle that clashes with or overpowers the flowers’


A Bottle of Wine

Wine and flowers are an age-old classic pairing. This timeless gift pairing is great for

people who dream about and love spending time in vineyards. The flowers emulate the

aesthetic outdoor grape vines and greenery surrounding a vineyard. Pairing birthday

flowers with wine is like gifting a sliver of a winery and vineyard experience.

Gourmet Chocolates

Another timeless bouquet gift pair is chocolate. Both chocolates and flowers symbolize

love and affection, stimulate serotonin, and offer aphrodisiac qualities. Flowers and

chocolates are the perfect birthday gift for someone you love.

Pro Tip: Make your birthday gift extra rosey and romantic by choosing a rose bouquet

and rose-infused chocolate.

Self-Care Essentials

Flowers paired with face masks, bath bombs, and other self-care goodies create a spa-

like experience for your birthday royalty. Flowers and self-care essentials promote

relaxation and offer many mental health benefits. Gift a spa-like experience and a night

of relaxation by pairing birthday flowers with self-care goodies.

Make and give the ultimate birthday gift with these four gift ideas to pair with birthday

flowers. Birthday flower arrangements are a great gift on their own, but when you pair

them with a little something extra, you can offer your birthday boy or girl so much more

to enjoy. Check out Beaverton Florists’ selection of birthday bouquets and celebrate

birthdays with a memorable gift.

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