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Blog » 3 Interesting Ways Humans Benefit From Flowers

3 Interesting Ways Humans Benefit From Flowers

3 Interesting Ways Humans Benefit From Flowers

3 Interesting Ways Humans Benefit From

Humans have an innate connection to nature. Our minds and bodies thrive when

immersed in flora, greenery, and open skies. Spending five minutes outside can uplift

your mood in no time. As a major part of nature, flowers benefit humans in many

interesting ways. Explore three of these benefits and learn why bouquets are gifts

that keep on giving.

Creative Inspiration

All flowers exude beauty, from stem to petal. They radiate vibrant colors and take on

many shapes, offering lots to view and appreciate. Flowers spark endless inspiration,

whether you are looking for something to sketch, write about, or print on your clothes.As humans, we rely on creativity to enhance our imaginations, expand our views of the

world, and soothe our minds. A flower’s beauty is a natural muse that lets our creativity


Energy Boost

Our senses influence our moods. Most flowers come in rich, bright colors and give off

aromatic smells that can boost our energy and uplift our mood. Sunflowers mimic the

energizing yellow of the sun. Gardenias and stargazer lilies emanate a rich floral scent

that awakens your senses. Vibrant colored petals attract our attention, sparking wonder

in us. Flowers also release natural chemicals that signal the brain to release

serotonin—the feel-good hormone that uplifts moods. Flowers boost our energy in many

ways, from their visual beauty to serotonin stimulation.

Memory Enhancement

Each flower has distinct characteristics. Orchids are classy and unique. Daisies are

simple and easygoing. Tulips are bright and make a statement. A flower’s

characteristics mirror many familiar faces in our lives. We can associate certain flowers

with specific people as their personalities often match.

We also anchor moments and places to flowers. They can remind us of people, places,

and specific moments. Roses are romantic flowers and a popular expression of love.

People are often reminded of their lovers, past romances, and romantic memories

whenever they see roses. Certain places have specific flowers that encapsulate them.

For example, blue columbines embody and remind people of Colorado.

Humans benefit from flowers in many interesting ways, making them great life

enhancements. Gift a bouquet from your favorite florists in Portland and treat someone

to these floral benefits.

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