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5 Types of Flowers for a Pet-Friendly Home


5 Types of Flowers for a Pet-Friendly Home

Your plants and pets can live in harmony with one another if you make the right

selections. Discover five types of flowers for a pet-friendly home.

It’s our furry companions that truly make a house a home. But, when you’re also a lover

of all things that bloom in the sunlight, it can be a bit difficult to make them coexist.

There are thousands of plant and flower species in the world, and a large portion of

them can prove toxic to pets once ingested. Fortunately, there are still some gorgeous

options out there that allow you to have the best of both worlds. Here are some types

of flowers for a pet-friendly home and what you need to know about them.


Believe it or not, one of the first flowers to mention is the rose. While it’s common

knowledge that a rose’s thorns can hurt humans and animals, the flower itself is

harmless. Because of this, placing carefully trimmed roses in your home is a safe and

viable option to beautify the space. Additionally, despite their lovely scent, they aren’t a

tasty treat for your pets to eat. As such, they’ll only need to take one bite to steer them

away in the future.


Sunflowers are bright, sunny, and iconic, bringing a dose of classic natural charm to any

home. They’re also a safe flower for your companion to occasionally ingest. In fact, their

seeds are safe for humans to eat as well. However, while they’re non-toxic, they can

cause a minor upset stomach in pets. So, make sure you watch out for changes in stool

or vomiting.


Another type of flower for a pet-friendly home to know about is the orchid. Often a

bright white or brilliant orange, these plants are a great addition to any home interior.

They also don’t produce any substances that are toxic to pets. Make sure you still keep

an eye on them to discourage snacking, but they won’t put your cat or dog in harm’s



Zinnias come in a wide range of colors, bringing an extra flare to your interior design.

Some varieties, such as the Zahara, don’t even develop mildew. As such, they’re a

great option for adding some color to your home at any time of year. They also don’t

have any toxins and can withstand some light snacking from the other residents in your


Gerbera Daisies

Though standard daisies are a species of chrysanthemum with toxic components, the

Gerbera variety is different. They don’t have their own toxins and, therefore, can’t harm

your pet. Like sunflowers, Gerbera daisies are cheerful flowers that can take on a slew

of colors, including reds, pinks, and yellows. For these reasons, they’re a wonderful fit

for brightening up a living space.

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