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Choosing the Right Flowers for Your First-Year Anniversary


Choosing the Right Flowers for Your First-Year Anniversary

That first year together is a special one, and it’s crucial that you find ways to celebrate it. Flowers are some of the most popular gifts for anniversaries for their bright colors, range of unique shapes, and deep symbolic meanings. But spouses often question which flower would be best for their partner on this occasion. Here, we’ll discuss some great options for you to explore and tell you how to choose the right flowers for your first year anniversary.

Classic Anniversary Flower Choices

When it comes to giving a gift that symbolizes your love and devotion, there are many classic flowers that come to mind. Roses are a popular contender for their bold hues and well-known representation of love and attraction.

Cosmos, sunflowers, and daisies are typically considered to be wildflowers, as they grow easily without human intervention in their cultivation. These blooms are very popular choices, as their bright colors convey happiness and joy. 

Carnations capture the warm affection of a first anniversary. Carnations are the perfect choice to complement the thrill and excitement of a young marriage because of their vibrant appearance and youthful perkiness. They represent a young, passionate type of love that simply radiates from newlyweds.

No matter which flower you decide to go with, you’re sending a heartfelt message of love, loyalty, and happiness to your partner on this special day.

Picking the Right Flower Color

Even after narrowing down a few options, there’s still more to know about choosing the right flowers for your first year anniversary. After all, a flower’s color can convey just as much, if not more, than the flower itself. The classic rose hue to symbolize love is red, while pink roses traditionally symbolize gratitude. Overall, pink, white, red, and yellow are all wonderful hues for celebrating love, as they’re beautiful and vibrant. White, in particular, represents the purity of your love, while yellow typically symbolizes friendship. So we recommend conveying several things at once by buying an arrangement rather than a single flower.

At Beaverton Florists, we’re dedicated to sending heartfelt messages through our flower arrangements. Our team of talented designers works hard to craft the perfect floral gift for your partner, and our anniversary flower delivery services ensure they’re received right away. If your first anniversary is approaching and you live in the Portland area, we can help make it one to remember forever.

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