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Blog » 5 Tips for Quick Thank You Messages To Send With Flowers

5 Tips for Quick Thank You Messages To Send With Flowers

5 Tips for Quick Thank You Messages To Send With Flowers

5 Tips for Quick Thank You Messages To Send With Flowers

What better way to express your gratitude than with a beautiful, blossoming bouquet?

Thank you flowers pay positivity forward and show your appreciation for someone’s

support and kindness. Flowers can easily brighten up anyone’s day, making them the

perfect thank you.

Find the right words to further express your gratitude and share some positivity with a

simple yet heartfelt note. Check out these five tips for writing a quick thank you

message to send with your flowers and show your appreciation to those who support


Cater Your Tone to the Recipient

How we converse with loved ones greatly differs from our interactions with professional

connections. Catering the tone of your thank you note to the recipient lets you respectfully

address them and prevent mixed signals or miscommunication. Just like flowers, words

encapsulate a lot. Your tone can affect how your recipient feels. Being

too formal with loved ones can make them feel estranged, and being too casual with

someone at work can be misleading.

Be Personal and Specific

A personal touch makes any gift much more meaningful. Personalizing thank you notes

and being specific rather than writing a general message adds sincerity to your

gratitude. Write why you are thankful, directly address the receiver, and slip in a fond

memory or a shared interest—if you both like coffee, mention grabbing a cup of joe in

the future.

Keep the Message Short and Sweet

If you struggle to encapsulate your emotions into words, a short and sweet message still

does the trick. You don’t have to write a heartful essay—unless that’s your thing! A

concise message is more than enough to showcase your gratitude—the flowers will do

the rest. Plus, short messages are quick to read, letting the recipient focus their

attention on the beautiful bouquet.

Mention the Flowers

Whether you are writing a long, heartfelt message or a short and sweet note, make sure

you allude to the flowers. When the petals start to wilt and the flowers reach the end of

their life, your thank you note will still be around. Mentioning the flowers in your thank

you message is a great way to remind the recipient of the bouquet and relive the joy

and happiness they felt upon receiving it.

Let the Flowers Do Most of the Talking

Flowers emanate thoughtful messages. Every aspect, from their petals to their species,

symbolizes and expresses many things. Thank you flower arrangements consist of the

best florals that represent gratitude. Roses say thank you with love. Sunflowers express

gratitude by spreading happiness. Gerberas pay the thankful happiness forward. Don’t

sweat writing the all-time greatest thank you message; let your thank your flowers do

most of the talking!

Write quick thank you messages for your flowers with these five tips, and clearly

communicate your appreciation with words and beautiful florals. Express your gratitude

with Beaverton Florists, and check out our colorful selection of thank you bouquets.

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