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Blog » 4 Mistakes To Avoid To Extend the Life of Delivered Flowers

4 Mistakes To Avoid To Extend the Life of Delivered Flowers

4 Mistakes To Avoid To Extend the Life of Delivered Flowers

Fresh flower deliveries liven up spaces, adding color, fragrance, and beauty. They also

remind people of gifted sentiments, from well wishes and declarations of love to

congratulations and birthday greetings.

Keeping fresh flowers around uplifts moods and enhances spaces in seconds. Extend

the life of your delivered flowers by avoiding these four mistakes and enjoy the

many benefits of a thriving bouquet.

1. Not Giving Your Stems a Fresh Cut

Flower stems are essential to a flower’s survival. They provide support and transport

water and minerals to the bulb. After flowers separate from their mother plant, their

exposed stems seal themselves shut for protection. They preserve any stored water

and nutrients and prevent unwanted bacteria from entering their major internal systems.

Not giving your delivered flowers a trim is like denying them food and water, causing

them to wilt and die faster. Snip the ends of your flowers before placing them in the

vase to reopen their stems and allow them to absorb some much-needed nutrients.

2. Using Hot or Warm Water

Water is essential for the survival of all living species. However, this lifesaver quickly

becomes a villain when sporting the wrong temperatures. Hot water will burn your

flowers, expediting the wilting process and shortening their lifespans. Use cold or room-

temperature water to keep your flowers refreshed, hydrated, and in full bloom for longer.

3. Not Refreshing the Vase Water

Vase water gets dirty quickly. It collects the discharge from the flowers, like

decomposing leaves and petals. As a still body of water, vase water also makes a great

breeding place for biofilms, bacteria, and fungi.

Not refreshing the water for your flowers allows bacteria and mold to continue breeding

and spread to the plant, further decreasing your flowers’ longevity. Switch out the water

in your flower vases regularly to keep them clean and provide your flowers with ideal

living conditions.

4. Starving Your Flowers

Like many living things, flowers need food and water to survive. Flowers get their

nutrients and food supply from the soil and nearby surroundings when planted in the

ground or attached to the mother plant. A vase limits the natural supply of nutrient


Not providing any supplemental food to your bouquets starves them, causing the

flowers to wilt and lose sustenance faster. Add flower food to your water to keep your

fresh-cut bouquets healthy. You can buy flower food from your local florist or make it

using bleach or white vinegar, lemon juice, and sugar.

Avoid these four mistakes when preserving your flower deliveries and extend their

lives with some proper love and care. Making sure you provide your bouquets with

some survival necessities maintains their color, liveliness, beauty, and fragrance. It also

allows you to make the most of your flower deliveries and all that they bring to your life

and space.

Treat the people in your life with their own fresh flower bouquet with a Beaverton flower

delivery. We offer many floral arrangements that are worth keeping around for a long


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