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A Quick Guide to Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year


Weddings are official celebrations of your love. They are a major chapter in life that

creates new beginnings and generates lots of life changes. Wedding anniversaries

commemorate this monumental part of your life and all that comes with it, from your

love for one another to all the memories you share until this point in time.

There are many ways to celebrate your anniversary, including gifting a romantic

bouquet. Here’s a quick guide to wedding anniversary flowers by year and how to

enhance your celebrations of love.

The First Year of Celebration

Like many other firsts in your life, the one-year anniversary is a momentous occasion.

It’s both the end of one tunnel and the beginning of a new one. There are a lot of

changes and things to figure out during your first year of marriage. Making it through the first year is an accomplishment, but as one year ends, another begins, opening new

doors of opportunities and challenges.

Most first-year anniversary bouquets feature carnations or roses, traditional symbols of

love. Carnations also signify youth, young love, and optimism, making it a great

representation of a one-year marriage.

The Countdowns to a Decade

From the first anniversary year to the big decade, life blurs. However, each anniversary

still holds lots of meaning and deserves a bouquet that encapsulates that year. During

the years counting up to the 10th anniversary, gift floral arrangements that tie to new

things you found out about one another, a memory from the year, or one that looks how

your love feels.

Each year also features an associated symbolic flower. Represent the second year of

marriage with cosmos. Daisies represent the fifth year. For the big decade celebration,

daffodils are the official flower. They mean loyalty, prosperity, and new beginnings.

The Monumental Milestones

Monumental milestones deserve grand bouquets overflowing with blossoms, colors,

scents, and beauty. They should mirror the importance of the occasion and encapsulate

the joys of the celebration. Tying in a personal touch to the gift further makes the

flowers the perfect way to commemorate your achievements and reflect the love that’s


Add flowers that match the time of year you got married. Implement your favorite florals.

Look for arrangements that include flowers from your wedding day. For monumental

years, make your anniversary bouquets just as special as the occasion.

The Rest of the Anniversary Years

No matter the year or milestone, each anniversary gives you plenty of reason to

celebrate. They allow you to step back, reflect, and celebrate your love each year. For

all the anniversaries in between the milestones, don’t hold back. Gift breathtaking

bouquets that represent your love.

Hopefully, this quick guide to wedding anniversary flowers by year gives you plenty

of ideas for how you can celebrate your love throughout time. For more inspiration,

check out Beaverton Florists’ selection of anniversary flowers. We offer lots of different

floral arrangements that encapsulate the years you’re celebrating.

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