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Blog » Choosing the Right Flowers for a Funeral: What To Consider

Choosing the Right Flowers for a Funeral: What To Consider

Choosing the Right Flowers for a Funeral: What To Consider

Flowers play a prominent role in many major life moments, from our first dates andwedding ceremonies to the moment we welcome a newborn home or achieve a long-term goal. They are gifts, well wishes, decorations, healers, and many other influentialroles, accompanying you and others through different life experiences—beginnings toendings.As you say final goodbyes to those who recently passed, let flowers console and standby everyone’s side. Here is what to consider when choosing the right flowers for afuneral and how to make one of life’s hardest moments a little less daunting.

What Purpose Do You Want the Flowers To Serve?

One of the many marvels of flowers is their multifaceted functionality. A single blossom

represents a thousand words, affections, and meanings and fulfills various roles.

Knowing what purpose you want your flowers to serve at the funeral influences the

arrangement type, species, colors, and display size you choose.

Funeral flowers have many uses, from offering your condolences and support to

providing funeral decorations and artistic symbols of those who have passed. Decide

what purpose your funeral flowers serve to curate an arrangement that best suits your

desires and needs.

Who Are the Flowers For?

Along with knowing the purpose you want the flowers to serve, deciding who you want

to gift the flowers to also influences your choices. It once again dictates the types of

flowers you choose, color options, and what your floral arrangements symbolize.

Sending flowers to those grieving is an act of showering someone struggling with love,

support, and hope, especially when you choose a bouquet with flowers that further

embody those sentiments. Creating a floral arrangement for those who passed allows

you to send final wishes to them, from love to safe travels to their final destination.

Offering flowers for the funeral service is an opportunity to curate a bouquet that

represents those who passed with blossoms that represent different characteristics of

that person, from their views on life to how they made others feel. Who you are gifting

the flowers to affects your chosen arrangements and the message you want to pass on.

The Best Flowers for a Funeral Service

Whether you want to send funeral flowers to those grieving or as a decoration piece for

the wake, many flowers are suitable for the occasion. Some of the most common

funeral and condolences flowers include:

 Lilies

 Carnations

 Roses

 Gladiolas

 Orchids

 Forget-me-nots

Each of these common funeral flowers represent different sentiments that help those

grieving and honor those who have passed.

There is much to consider when choosing the right flowers for a funeral, from the

purpose you want them to serve to whom you want to gift the bouquets to and the type

of flowers you include in the arrangements. As a feature piece and gift for a

monumental event in people’s lives, choosing the right flowers is a task worth taking the

time to think about.

Beaverton Florists is here to help. We’ll arrange and send funeral flowers to wake

venues and grieving individuals, helping you gift your condolences, pay respects, and

provide support during a hard chapter of someone’s life.

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