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Blog » 3 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Seems To Have Everything

3 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Seems To Have Everything

3 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Seems To Have Everything

3 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Seems To
Have Everything

Birthdays mark a person’s transition into the next stage of their life—the start of another

chapter in their story. Across the globe, people commemorate their loved ones’

birthdays with celebrations and tokens of love.

Gift-giving is a birthday tradition that dates back centuries, providing people with a

means to express their love and appreciation for the person celebrating their birthday.

But what do you give to someone who seems to have everything? Check out these

three alternative gift ideas.

Experiences and Trips

Experiences, adventures, and trips are one-of-a-kind gifts. After all, it’s hard to recreate

a specific encounter or event. Buy your birthday celebrant tickets to a concert or play.

Plan and book tickets for a trip abroad. Take the birthday individual to an escape room, museum, or theme park. Sign them up for a yoga or art class. Gifting experiences gives

the birthday star an adventure to embark on and add to their next life chapter!

Handmade Crafts

Do you have artistic talents? Like life experiences, handmade crafts are unique gifts.

Whether a glass-blown sculpture or assembled scrapbook, a handcrafted gift holds a

thousand expressions of love and appreciation for the birthday celebrant. The more

personalization you add to the craft, the greater the sentimentality and uniqueness of

your gift.

Flower Bouquets

A birthday bouquet delivery is a long-standing gift tradition that also gives you a one-of-

a-kind gift to give. Although the act of giving a bouquet isn’t unique, the floral

arrangement you choose and build is. Flowers come in many forms, colors, and

symbolic meanings, giving you plenty of options to curate a special gift that your

recipient doesn’t own already.

Order a bouquet with the birthday individual’s favorite flowers or colors. Create a

personalized selection filled with florals that encapsulate your expressions of love.

Then, pair the floral arrangement with some birthday balloons for an added celebratory


If you can’t decide what to give someone who already has everything, try one of

these three gift ideas. You’ll ensure your gift stands out to the recipient because it

carries a sentimental attachment and a piece of you.

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