8115 SW Nimbus Ave Beaverton OR 97008


I just wanted to say thank you to the team at Beaverton Florists. The order came and was even more than I had envisaged as I talked about it over the phone. The effect and impact on my wife was priceless - she absolutely adored the arrangement - it was very dramatic.
You are a classy organization and I always get what I ask for when I do business with you.
Thank you

- Paul O'Mara


Thanks for Laura’s bouquet. Arrived w/perfect timing just after she got home from a very hard day at work today. Once again, you knocked it out of the park!

- Mark Fryburg


Your note of commitment to the best service always makes me smile.....Thanks :D

- Anonymous


My mother-in-law received her arrangement and just loves it.  Thank you for always giving such great service!

- Lyn Benton


Thanks much the flowers are beautiful, just the thing when I returned from a trip!
All the best.

- Kent

Thank you for your prompt and professional service.
Much appreciated.

- James (JV) Torgerson


Thank you for your excellent customer service.  Now days, it not very often that the customer receives the good service that they are spending their money on.
Thanks again

- Ray & Bobbie Snider


Thank You so much for the prompt delivery of our daughters flowers. She loved them and she said they were huge!
Just what we were looking for!Have a wonderful day and keep up the great service. We will be back.

- Beth Davis


Thank you so much, as usual you do a most awesome job!
Gloria Veile

- Herzog-Meier


Great job on the flowers.  
This is a young woman with two young children who had a cyst removed last week, and just found out yesterday that it was cancerous (pancreas) 
I just wanted you to know how much those flowers helped lift her spirits in a difficult time.  You guys are the best florist I have ever worked with, you always go above and beyond! 

- Nancy


The flowers were received with much happiness. I was sent a photo (from Barbie) and the bouquet is gorgeous.
Thank you very much.

- April Wicke


Thank you, this is such a wonderful service you provide.  Penny received the flowers and said they were stunning.  Thank you again for delivering a beautiful bouquet during this difficult time

- Anonymous


Thank you so much for your speedy and kind delivery to my Aunt!  You and your business are truley amazing!   Lg

- Anonymous


WOW!!!  Can't believe how fast you delivered the flowers. About one hour from time they were ordered to the time they were delivered. Now that is speedy delivery.
Our friend thought they were the most beautiful flower bouquet she has ever seen.
We have never been disappointed when ordering flowers from you.
Thank You

- Bob and Marilyn Stark


Thank you for your customer service.   Very few companies understand the value of it.

- Anonymous


Thank you so very much in taking such care and pride in delivery of such an exquisite arrangement of flowers. My wife and others were overwhelmed by the flowers.

Thank you again for helping to make this 10 year anniversary occasion so special.

- Richard Yorston


As usual, the recipient loved your flowers....she is even going to send me a picture.  Thank you for always providing such excellent service!  Lyn Benton

- Anonymous


I received an email from the Goddaughter with a picture of the beautiful plant basket that you put together for me.  She loves it and I thank you so much.   Rosemary Namit-Toth

- Anonymous


Thanks for a job well done.  Our son and daughter-in-law, Rob and Dawn Rae, were delighted to receive the beautiful flowers.  Dawn Rae commented that it was great to answer the door to find a delivery of flowers rather than wood and grout!!!!  She emailed us a picture of the flowers and I agreed with her that they were beautiful.  She says we can order from you again!

To whomever I gave this order yesterday morning, it was fun dealing with you.
Thanks everyone!

- Rose Marie Knoth


My wife Eunju is really happy to get the delivery of most beautiful flower in the evening.
I appreciate your kind attitude to get call from me.
I hope that your business will be booming in the future!

- Junguk


Bonnie got the flowers and is real impressed.  That is why I continue to be a loyal cutomer.  Thank You so much! 

- Tom


Thank you so Much!!!!!!
You just made my day...
Have a great day.

- Anonymous


Chelsea was called to the office and the secretary gave her the bouquet.  She said she almost cried and the roses are absolutely beautiful!
Thank you for helping make her 17th birthday special!

- Carol Read


I wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the floral arrangement.  They sent me 2 pictures.As always, your creativity is excellent.
Yes, it was a surprise and brought tears I hear.
Thank you SO very much. 

- HS Palmer


Thanks! The flowers made it to her and were perfect.
Thank you!

- Anonymous


Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful arrangement you delivered to my daughter, Becky Burks. She loved them and they arrived in plenty of time for her to enjoy them at work.
As always, Great Job!

- Judy Phife


Many thanks!  You are the best! 

- Susan Smith


Flung wirelessly thru the ether.
Please excuse tyops

- Anonymous


Thank you so much for your great email reminders!  They are very helpful in this busy time of year.  Happy Holidays to your family and you!
- Anonymous

Thank you so much!!!  My daughter called the minute she got the flowers st her work and she facebooked a photo of the flowers!  Lovely bouquet and quick delivery!  It made her 21st birthday very special!
Thank you !

- Lisa


She loved it !  Thanks again.
Thank you for the beautiful flowers and the timely delivery!! 

- Anonymous


Thank you very much!!  You all are awesome!

- Anonymous


Thank you! I wasn’t planning on being at my wife’s work place when the roses were delivered but I was. She was very excited, even after all these years! I thank Beaverton Florists for a great arrangement and special delivery!
Thank you.

- Kevin Marple


Awesome Service.  Ordering from another country let alone a different state is a chancy thing at best but your level of customer service went above and beyond,  making this a great Valentine’s Day.  I will definitely use you again !

- Anonymous


I had a call from Dorothy Doane this evening.  and she was out for a short walk,  and when she got back  she got the flowers.  
She said they were just beautiful.    Was going to have her son come by and take a picture.  
She is a lovely lady.   It is so nice to make someone's day as she says we always do  with the flowers we have sent to her.
I will definitely have your name on file to call on again.   with Easter coming and then her BD on July 3rd.
Thank you so much for doing that delivery  since it was so late when I called you.

- Deloris Lester


Janessa loved the Roses!! Thank you sooo much for your service and your hard work.

- Anonymous