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Why Flowers Make the Perfect Birthday Gift


Birthdays are special occasions for everyone. Not only are they the days they came into

the world, but they’re also celebrations of all they’ve accomplished. As such, it’s only

natural that one of the best gifts to give the special people in your life for their birthdays

is something that portrays how you feel about them. You may already know that flowers

are popular gifts for anniversaries and get-well parties. However, they can also be

wonderful for bringing joy to a person’s birthday bash. Here are some reasons why

flowers make the perfect birthday gift.

They Send Strong Messages

There are thousands of flower species in the world, and each one of them has its own

specific meaning. As such, the language of flowers can be incredibly impactful since

you can convey various messages to a recipient depending on the arrangement. For

birthdays, arrangements with colorful orchids, perky lilies, and beautiful gerberas can

express everything from happiness to love to respect. So when you make your selection

carefully, you can really tell someone exactly how you feel about them.

They Beautify Any Space in the Home

Flowers are also the perfect birthday gifts because of the level of beauty they bring

into a home. Because they offer an array of vivid colors and unique shapes and sizes to

choose from, you can find something that complements any home design. Whether the

recipient has a rustic or more modern house style, flowers offer a timeless beauty that

adds a welcome natural element.

They Evoke Feelings of Happiness

Additionally, flowers can make a person feel happy whenever they look at them. This is

because of the messaging behind them and the reminder they provide the recipient that

someone in their life deeply cares for them. Since flowers can last for several weeks

with the right care, they can continue to feel that appreciation well after their special


They’re Affordable and Easy To Order

Best of all for you, flowers are very affordable for any budget, and they’re easy to order

online or in person. While a full bouquet of roses can fetch a pretty penny, less

expensive alternatives can still send the message you want. Likewise, with the aid of a

professional florist, you can finalize your order in as little as a few minutes.

At Beaverton Florists, we want everyone in the community to experience the joys of

getting hand-arranged flowers as a present. Our talented team of florists works hard to

craft the most beautiful arrangements for your needs, and we’ll ensure your message

gets across with every selected flower. We also offer birthday flower delivery in the

Portland metro area. So you can rest assured that your loved one will get their gift on

time, even if you can’t attend their party in person.

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