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The Importance of Sending Flowers to a Funeral


When someone you know loses a loved one, it can be difficult to know what to do for

them. You want to support them, yet it’s hard to reach out when they’re busy making the

necessary arrangements. Flowers can be one of the more impactful ways to

demonstrate that you care and provide your friend or family member with love in their

time of grief. But that isn’t all that flowers can do. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of

sending flowers to a funeral.

Demonstrates Your Condolences

Acknowledging a person’s loss and expressing your sympathies is incredibly important

to those who’ve lost someone close to them. In recognizing their pain and letting them

know you’re there for support, you’re helping them on their journey toward healing.

While a flower arrangement might seem like a small gift to you, it could mean the world to someone needing a touch of beauty in their day. Even from afar, the presence of

these flowers reminds them of your support—regardless of how far away you might be.

Shows Respect for the Departed

Sending flowers to a funeral is also important because it shows how much you

respected the person who passed on. Individuals deserve the utmost care and

appreciation until their final moments before burial, and flowers act as a final gift to the

dearly departed. Through these arrangements, you can demonstrate how important the

person was to you and send them off with as much love as possible.

Conveys Collective Love for the Departed

Bringing flowers to a funeral can indicate how much love your community had for the

person as well. The more flowers sitting around them, the clearer it is how many people

felt impacted by the loss. This can be important to the family as it demonstrates how

their loved one’s life touched and inspired others. This realization and hearing stories

about their family member can greatly help with navigating the grieving process.

Creates a Balance of Beauty and Sadness

Additionally, incorporating the beauty of fresh flowers into a loved one’s service can

help break up the atmosphere of sadness in the room. Grieving is an exhausting

experience, and even the smallest of reprieves can make a large difference in the

success of the funeral ceremony. A touch of color in an otherwise darker room can also

make a nice backdrop for displaying a person’s pictures and celebrating their life.

Don’t let someone you care about grieve alone. Beaverton Florists makes it possible to

support your loved one whether you can make it to the services or not. Our sympathy

flower arrangements are custom designed by our team of talented florists to capture

your feelings of love, support, and care. We even deliver throughout the Portland metro

area to ensure that every gift always arrives where it’s needed most.

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