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Blog » Why Are Flowers Comforting? The Impact Flowers Can Have

Why Are Flowers Comforting? The Impact Flowers Can Have

Why Are Flowers Comforting? The Impact Flowers Can Have

Why Are Flowers Comforting? The Impact Flowers Can Have:

A floral bouquet celebrates your accomplishments, supports you through difficult

moments, and shares your expressions and wishes. No matter the reason behind

bouquet gifting, as soon as you receive your floral arrangement, comfort instantly

surrounds you. Discover why flowers are comforting and uncover the impact flowers

have on people.

Mood and Emotional Stimulation

Your mood and emotions heavily influence your comfort. When worries are at bay and

happiness overpowers your anxieties, you feel safer and more comfortable. Likewise,

comforts make you happy and at ease. Joy, safety, and comfort are all intertwined.

Flowers stimulate your mood and emotions in many ways, from the color they radiate to

the symbolic message they carry. Your brain makes connections between the hues and

meanings of the flowers with different associations that spark happiness, safety, and

comfort. For example, your mind relates blues and greens with tranquility, stimulating

those emotions when you see those hues. Yellows and oranges link to happiness,

energy, and warmth. Roses represent and spark feelings of love. Lavender increases

calmness. The meanings attached to each property of the flower, from its colors and

petal patterns to its species, stimulate emotions and moods that your brain connects

with comfort.

A Tangible Representation of Love

Flowers encapsulate messages. Even the act of gifting a bouquet holds meaning. Floral

arrangements are a tangible representation of a gifted feeling and wish that you can

look back on over the course of time.

For example, thank you bouquets are physical thank yous, functioning as and reminding

you of the gifted gesture. Similarly, condolence bouquets and celebratory floral

arrangements are physical representations and reminders of different forms of support.

Being reminded of positive sentiments—knowing that you are loved, appreciated, and

supported—fills you with comfort.

Connections With Nature

Nature offers lots of different comforts. The sounds and scenic views nature curates

stimulate serotonin production and steer your attention away from distractions and

stress. The fresh air and clean environment decrease toxin intake. And the

unpredictability of nature's flora and fauna forces you to surrender control and just sit

back, relax, and let nature takes its course. Flowers are a slice of nature, so receiving a

bouquet gives you a piece of nature's comfort.

Beauty That Inspires and Soothes

Flowers emanate beauty with their colors and delicate designs and shapes, sparking

inspiration and soothing your mind with the tranquility of their appearance. Feeling

inspired and soothed makes you put down your barriers and find comfort.

Comfort comes from feeling loved, a sense of happiness and safety, and positivity,

which are all some of the many impacts flowers have on people. Flowers are

comforting in many ways, stimulating emotions, generating positive associations, and

performing varying beneficial functions. Gift your loved ones a bouquet and treat them

to the comforts of flowers.

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