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Why do Rose prices go up at Valentine's?

Why do Valentines Roses cost more?

Every year we hear complaints about the cost of flowers on Valentines Day. Let’s look at some the reasons the price goes up for this holiday. There are several factors that contribute to the overall cost increase. From growers in Ecuador, the Air cargo haulers from Quito to Miami, Florida, Inspections and Customs, Floral wholesalers, long haul trucking company, and cold receiving storage, and finally the local florist. Each of these legs of the journey experiences an increase in volume and associated costs for the short duration of the Valentine holiday. Let’s take each leg and look at the challenges and costs involved.

The Growers: Roses take 7-8 weeks for a bloom to emerge, grow, and bud into the beautiful blooms we know and love every Valentines Day. Growers have a set number of plants in the ground year-round but because of the demand at Valentines they remove potential blooms in December to make the plant produce more blooms for Valentines. The cut back reduces sales in December to increase them in February. Growers also know that they can raise their prices, but competition limits them. The total stems of roses increase about 10 times over normal week volume.

Air freight planes: When the volume increases 10-fold for only one week it is not feasible to increase the number of planes but even flying more round trips is expensive because they are only full one way and fly back to Ecuador empty!

Inspections and Customs: The federal government requires all cargo to be inspected as it enters the country, especially for countries with know drug production. As with any government agency, they operate on their schedule and delays and rejections happen. Delays equal increased costs.

Floral Wholesalers: This is their big holiday, so they do everything in their power to maximize sales and margins. Competition is the only real control. Flowers are very temperature sensitive so maintaining the cold chain at a constant 34 degrees is critical at every step of the journey. Most pre-book sales took place in early January and all orders must be carefully checked and sent to the correct trucking company to insure delivery to the florist customer.

Long Haul Refrigerated Trucks: Because of demand the refrigerated haulers must plan extra drivers and plan for potential bad weather across the country as they travel from Miami to Portland OR and all points that celebrate Valentine’s Day! The often arrive in the middle of the night and by prearrangement leave the boxes of flowers in a cold storage facility until the florist can complete the last mile of shipping.

Local Florist: Now that we have the boxes of roses that were shipped from Ecuador via air and land cold chain, we must also plan for the 10 times increase in volume and clean the lower leaves from the stems, remove the thorns, cut the stem and place in cold storage to maximize the life of the flower. Extra staff helps in cleaning the flowers and preparing for the designer to work their magic and create the “Perfect Dozen” roses for your love.

This year Beaverton Florists is using extra Long 70cm red roses in a beautiful recycled glass keepsake vase. Be sure to send the Perfect Dozen” to your sweetheart from Beaverton Florists!

Summertime and the Living is Easy

Well it's about that time of year... sunny, warm weather (earlier than usual for the Portland area, that's for sure!) BBQ's, graduation, Father's Day and lots of fun.  We had a great Mother's Day holiday, and now we are moving into wedding and anniversary season.  
Time for some belated Spring Cleaning and reorganizing, fun new displays, and summer sidewalk sales!  

Gearing up for Valentine's Day!

Time flies!  It feels like Christmas just ended, but Valentine's Day is already upon us! 
We are BUSY bees- taking orders, cleaning roses, and designing some gorgeous floral arrangements. 
This year, we've come up with some brand new styles- Puppy Love, which incorporates a cute puppy plush; Kissing Bandit, with a tiny masked bear, Everlasting Love; beautiful white lilies & hydrangea with red roses.  We have the Big Basket of Love, which incorporates a mix of pink, red and white flowers in a festive red basket.  And, of course, the star of the show- lots and lots of dozen long stem red roses! 
We wanted to be sure to offer lots of choices, to fit every preference.  Our coolers are starting to fill up- where to put everything?
Luckily, we have lots of orders to fill, and these are going out the door in no time.

Updates for the New Year

2015 is off to a fresh new start here at Beaverton Florists, Inc.!  
We have been very busy behind the scenes every day since Christmas, reorganizing our store, applying some new coats of paint, and finding fun new products to offer in our store and online. All of the hard work has paid off in a noticeable way.  We have installed some spiffy new shelving to showcase some of our additional container options.  Sara painted the walls in hues of green, gray, and tan, and even gave our counters a makeover.  We have revamped our wedding consultation corner to provide more comfortable seating and brand new wedding flower books. Take a peek at the photos of our new look!  Can you spot the changes?    

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